Thursday, January 10, 2008

Art Journals Artist Suzi Blu

Introducing Art Journals Artist Suzi Blu

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Enjoy Multimedia Art Journal Art by a wonderfully unique creative artist

Mixed Word and Art from The Heart,Visionary Women Inspiring the World

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Visual Mixed media art by visionary artist Suzi Blu
Multimedia Art Presentation on Youtube ( Suzi Blutube)

Art Journals Artist Suzi Blu

Visionary Quotes by Visionary Women,HOP OFF- Art Inspirational Quotes for Women

"A successful artist is able to pursue a vision and let that vision take that person places where they would never expect to go.

Artist Quote Betty LaDuke

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Visionary Quotes by Visionary Women

Visionary Quote

'Exalted and bounding within the tight limitation of my skin,
do I remember the freedom and joy of my eternal being?
It is here, inside of me always.
Knowing so wisely, waiting so patiently, loving so unconditionally.
And sometimes my bodily prison walls remember
that their glow is fueled by the greatest bliss of all,
that of having touched infinity.'

Artist Quote
Visionary Quote by Artist Martina Hoffmann"

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Art Quotes and Inspirational Quotes for Women at Milliandes Visionary Art Bus

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Visionary Quotes by Visionary Men

"Art does not reproduce the visible, rather it makes visible.

Artist Quote by Paul Klee

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'There is nothing in this universe that is not a speckle
creating never ending circles around itself '
Art Quotation
Visionary Quote by Eitan Kedmy

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More Visionary Quotes by Visionary Men:

Visionary Artist Willow Arlenea ,HOP OFF - Willows Visionary Arts Gallery VAB

Visionary Artist Willow Arlenea

Visionary Artist Statement:

" ...creating a reality on canvas is a dance of polarities. Hard edges balance with a loose expressive style. Lights and darks, flow and pattering, complementary colors, texture and negative space all come into harmony in her work, creating inspiring symphonies of light."

Take a peek at Visionary Artist Willow Arlenea VAB

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Peek at her Tarot of Transformation Art Visionary Women Inspiring the World

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