Monday, January 14, 2008

Creativity Myths

"Creativity 'Building Blocks'
Creativity Myths

~ the same letters but creative writing ideas
~ the same musical notes but creative compositions
~ the same set of paints but innovative ways of applying them
~ the same cooking ingredients but a tasty food combination
~ the same piece of steel but an architectual masterpiece
~ the same seeds but a stunning garden display
~ the same thoughts but innovative solutions

~ Creativity is the Art of combining previously uncombined 'building blocks'"

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~ Milliande

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What is an Affirmation ?

~ Affirmations are positive sentences

~ affirmations descibe a desire , a situation or state of being

~ Positive affirmations when repeated lots of times impress themselves onto the unconscious mind

~ when focusing on "negative "thoughts like "well it wont work anyway" , "I cant do that , "I am not an artist" , I could not create anything worth looking at" etc you focus on that more than on the "I am an Artist" , "I can create " etc ...

~ You are what you focus on - according to the Law of Attraction

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Creativity Quotes

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Creativity Quotations from all over the World from varying artists and inspirational speakers

Inspirational quotes can often touch a heart in varying ways, reading an inspirational quote at the right time can propel me into my own expressive journey

What makes Creative Quotes inspirational is personal choice as well as circumstance.. sometimes one word expressed in a quote will find me in the mood to respond whilst at another time the same quote may not even get noticed

To keep my heart open to receive little reminders of my own creaivity is to be on a journey of discover at all times .. the self and maybe even the Higher Self plays little games of synchronicity with itself ... so words that I am meant to read will always pop exactly when I need to read them ...

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Enjoy my inspirational quotes and quotations about creativity for Artists and Creative Women