Thursday, May 20, 2010

• art, music and zebra finches •

Maya and I had the chance to catch the latest art exhibition at The Curve Art Space at the Barbican in London .

Celeste Boursier Mougenot is the artist exhibiting his musical zebra finches

The big room is filled with various sandy islands that have electronic guitars assembled in the center of them .. whilst other islands feature turned upside down drumkits serving as bird tables for seeds and water

Maya was fascinated by the free - flying finches that had made this art exhibition space their home .. landing on peoples heads and handbags the seemed comfortable in their surroundings.

As part of their normal finch activities the landed on the electronic guitars ready to build a little nest and busying themselves and in turn causing various chaotic sound effects .

Celeste Boursier-Mougenot trained as a musician and composer and states that he works by drawing on the rythms of daily life to produce sound in unexpected ways

There was no recording or photography permitted at the exhibition so here instead a peek at the official YouTube clip featuring a part Ariane Michel's film Les Oiseaux de Celeste,

Only 25 visitors are permitted to enter this art space at a time and the exhibition continues until May 23rd at the Barbican Art Center London .

... milliande

Macro Photography Art

• Macro Photography Art

I enjoy the way unexpected images when focused in on a
macro distance seem to deny the fact that they are part of a
larger whole and instead loudly proclaim their independent existence

An angle , the capture of light bouncing of a surface and therefore declaring it " real "

Sometimes I ponder the pondering in and off itself .. the macros of me that make up the larger whole but rarely does my toe get the attention it might crave?

I am fascinated by the macro life ,. the behind of the behind and often wish my camera had xray capabilities

fragile , transparent like a glasswing butterfly I wish to wander ... seeing and be seen for all the finer details
Close Up ... Personal ... Untamed ... Authentic

and so I continue pondering
... Milliande