Tuesday, December 14, 2010

• steampunk sketches

steampunk sketches

I enjoy doodling about with some of my steampunk sketches .

These were drawn with colortint pencils first into my art journal

I added a bit of pen and ink overdrawing for some shades and shadows

Now for the fun part ... I take so
e photos of the initial drawing and grunge it up with overlayers and colortints in my iPhone apps ...

It takes a while to play around with various combos of apps for iPhone photomanipulation.. enhancing color saturation, adding grunge and texture layers , and altering through exposing the photo in different apps ... if I get totally carried away I sometimes app stack as many as 20 different. apps or repeating the same iPhone app effect to get stronger outputs ...

all this can be done in Photoshop too I am sure, I just enjoy the limitations set by the iPhone apps and the creativity burst it gives me to come up with something that I enjoy looking at ;)


Monday, December 13, 2010

• being all that she can be

Art has a way of talking to me way past it's original creationary moment ... my art tends to create itself before it reveals itself back to the my Self ....

... as she enters curiously into being all that she can be hesitation causes her to pause ... if just for a momentarily held breath ...

parts reveal themselves united , flowing in and out in harmonious waves

separating joyously only to glide back into the whole beingness of the self experienced throughout is projected emotion

am I all that I can be ? Or is I hoping to experience ? Is hoping possible for the which finds itself suspended without time to anchor to ?

... and so she stands yet again, knee-deep in her knowing, puddled by the perceived weight that lightness offers so unconditionally ...

How about you ? When does your art reveal it's language to you ?


Friday, December 03, 2010

Portrait Artist Janet Rogers

 Introducing Janet Rogers ...


I started painting portraits in oils, acrylics,  pastels and conte'
crayons about 25 years ago, until I saw watercolor portraits by the
master, Charles Reid.  I have been in love with watercolor ever
since!  He paints so much life in his portraits, and his paintings
have continued to inspire me, together with the older masters such as
Sargent,  Rembrandt, Henri, to name a few!  When I paint a
portrait,  I try to bring out the nature of the subject.I started
painting portraits in oils, acrylics,  pastels and conte' crayons
about 25 years ago,