Tuesday, December 14, 2010

• steampunk sketches

steampunk sketches

I enjoy doodling about with some of my steampunk sketches .

These were drawn with colortint pencils first into my art journal

I added a bit of pen and ink overdrawing for some shades and shadows

Now for the fun part ... I take so
e photos of the initial drawing and grunge it up with overlayers and colortints in my iPhone apps ...

It takes a while to play around with various combos of apps for iPhone photomanipulation.. enhancing color saturation, adding grunge and texture layers , and altering through exposing the photo in different apps ... if I get totally carried away I sometimes app stack as many as 20 different. apps or repeating the same iPhone app effect to get stronger outputs ...

all this can be done in Photoshop too I am sure, I just enjoy the limitations set by the iPhone apps and the creativity burst it gives me to come up with something that I enjoy looking at ;)



  1. Hi Milliande,
    What are colortint pencils?
    Thank you

  2. Colortint pencils ... they are called Graphitint and are manufactured by a compnay called DERWENT ... watersoluble and earthtone shades , I love them in conjunction with an aquabrush for sketching whilst travelling :-)


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