Wednesday, April 20, 2011

London Street photography

Had a quick visit to London today and managed to take in the " London Street Photography" exhibition at the Museum of London.

The exhibition started in the 1890's when the first photos were taken of London Street life and it presents a fascinating case for observing ordinary life playing itself out " almost " unobserved bar the lens of the photographer ..

To say photography was nit permitted in the exhibition but here are sneak preview of one if my favourite images from an artists point of view

The exhibition runs until September 2011 and if you are in the area it's well worth a peek ... if not the website has lots of interesting photos and info displayed too .. from leica cameras to the modern iPhone street photography

... milliande


  1. looks like a great exhibition..its a pity its not touring up here

  2. Fantastic. I love street photography. Will you be seing the Vivian Maier exhibit while it's in London? I saw it in Chicago in April. Worth the trip.

  3. Would love to , did not know it was touring, so thanks for the tip :-)


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