Saturday, June 18, 2011

illustration painting project

I am having fun working on a painting for an illustration project

preliminary sketches working out composition and starting an underpainting layer in van dyke brown

the light is lovely at this time of the year in my little garden studio

working on a slightly raised easel drafting board seems to suit me better than an upright table easel

playing around with finding a suitable sky color palette .. I love Golden Heavybody Acrylic paints but have recently been introduced to Spectrum Acrylics and am quite smitten

adding some underglaze layers with golden fluid acrylics in quinachrodine crimson

and a littke green gold underpainting for skintones

" Sometimes even angels need a little help to fly"

painting process so far :)

hopefully I will get some quiet time in the studio this weekend to work a little more in this painting .. its good to be back in my little garden nook after travelling for what seems like forever

milliande :)

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