Wednesday, June 22, 2011

sketchbook peeks

sketchbook peeks

Had fun walking the streets of paris and noticing little fragments that caught my attention .. I do not often get long stretches of time to sketch so many an art journal page ends up being a collections of little fragmented moments in time

whilst Maya enjoyed playing ath a little park outside the Sacre Ceur in Montmatre I sketched a few pen and ink lines ..

ahh nothing like a new introduction to a quaffable wine ...

and sharing breadmaking recipes over the kitchen table ..

... milliande


  1. Hello to you :)
    Lovely to see the peeks into your Paris sketchbook :)

  2. How neat to see how you drew the dome whilst Maya was playing. I recognize your little twirls and I can picture you while you were drawing. Love it!
    Your sketchbook is so vivid and alive.

  3. I always get inspired by looking at your work! Thank you! Tomorrow morning I will get into my studio. :-)

  4. What a beautiful post. It's my dream to be able to sketch on location


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