Sunday, June 26, 2011

Studio Peeks - Mixed Media Painting

Studio Peeks - Mixed Media Painting Time ... our local store had a 20% discount on Golden Acrylics so treated myself to some transparent colors .. quinachrodine crimson and a couple of yellow hues .. all inspired ...

I am enjoying working in a smaller format again, having played and explored larger canvas formats for a little while
its good to be minute again

a full saturday in the studio , ahhh bliss , my 2 were happily occupied with baking and ayung dragon games and I got a long stretch with the muse..

work in progress.. inspired by a facebook profile picture fronone of my community members " Cindy"  .. loved the way the hands were cradling the chicken :)

taking some of the edges off with a medium grain sandpaper

almost finished ... I think one day I will try and count the millions of layers that go into one of these mixed media paintings ..

The photo does not really do all the layers justed .. this one makes me want to stroke it :) it feels so lush

... milliande

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  1. that is so very very beautiful Milliande <3 love it.


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