Thursday, June 23, 2011

Studio Time Peeks

Studio Time Peeks

Having fun playing with some miniature drypoint plates

engraving a design into a perspex drypoint plate

the finished design

mixing some intaglio printing inks .. sepia, a dash of blue and a smidgen of warm black

driving the ink into the drypoint plate.. making sure it fills all the grooves .. then wiping off the excess

printed onto wet soaked watercolor paper

another print pulled then added mixed media .. acrylic painting and pen & ink drawing

another version with a painted background

ahh its good to be back home in my little studio playing



  1. That is really neat. Thank you for sharing. Glad you are happy to be back too!

  2. That print great!
    I did those prints in college many moons ago. Did you soak your metal into acid?
    How many prints are you going to make with that drawing?

  3. @ Fairykin

    I did actually not use metal I used perspex plates.. those are a kind of seethrough plastic .. it yields less prints as the burr degrades faster when put through the printing press but it is easy to trasnfer a drawing onto as one can see right through it as opposed to zink plates or copper printing plates ..

    How many prints -- I can usually get about 4-5 prints of one perspex plates .. before the burr gets too distorted ..


  4. Thank you thank you again - Milliande - you've inspired me to try again with the drypoint process -I've almost got my studio re-done and can get to my press and my printing supplies - Love your prints - great inspiration!!

  5. @ Ruth :-) I bought a new diamind tipped etching needle lush .. and yes thanks so much for your kind donation to our community fund, much appreciated :-)
    Cant wait to see what you get up to with your drypoints
    ..milliande and a big hug right back at you


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