Tuesday, August 16, 2011

earthly inspiration

had a lovely weekend collecting various treasures from mother nature for inspiration ..

found a great squared off collection box for holding my found seedpods ..

it tells me that autumn is approaching fast ...

displaying lots of my found treasures in my art studio window ..

treasures ..

found a little treasure at the thrift shop .. a china dish with indentations just perfect for my dipping pen .. lush

a lovely rest with arty companions :)who are never far away when I am playing with paint :-)

... milliande


  1. Your post just made me happy. I love your new box and china dish. I am in the process of setting up my art space after having work done on the house and will include some pieces from outside. Inspired.
    Peace and Paint,

  2. @ Debbie-- Cant wait to see how your space turns out ..let me know when you post some pictures :-)

  3. Love your treasure display. Not sure which place I'd spend more time in between the art studio and the 'to die for chair'!

  4. Oh the love of the fall season - it may be my favorite - I love the pods and skeletons of the spring and summer harvest - and he poppy pod is one of my favorites- next comes the dried pearly everlastings wit hthe beautiful little tiny white florets -
    love the pix of you in chair with kitties - gave me a sense of calm and 'life is good' - thanks - waiting for family to return from VA for hugs and my sense of calm.

  5. This post was very zen, Thank you for that. La

  6. This Treasure Post of 'earthly inspiration' touched me greatly~! I love to do just the same thing...earths little treasures are very fruitful this time of year here in the Pacific Northwest region of USA...the Maples are begining to turn already...Fall is almost here, and treasures are plentiful~!
    Blessings~ Deborah

  7. @ Cynthia -- I know , I treated myself to the chair after I oogled it for months and it turned up in the SALES ... I LOVE IT !!

    @ Deborah .. yes .. mother nature never ceases to amaze me with her intricate little patterns of life :-)
    Love the heart found at the bottom of your cup ..such a lovely metaphor :-)


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