Saturday, September 24, 2011

crusing through Snowdonia :)

still madly in love with Wales ..

babe has been given free use of the most beautiful white pony ever .. his name is Domino :)

He belongs to owner of a most idyllic campsite in a little welsh mountain valley

sunset at the harbour in Barmouth .. my 2 are crabbing from the pier whilst I am sipping a cup of earl grey at the pier :)

view from the mountain :)

a lesson on a pegloom

all the way up to snowdon ... we even got a glimpse of blue sky

snuggled up in the van

yep ... time to wash some socks and knickers :)

a few impressions from our time in the wilderness of Snowdonia ... not much internet access .. so waving hi to all :)))


Friday, September 02, 2011

journal, collaborations, field crafts

journal, collaborations, field crafts

Before heading out I managed to finish my pages for our art journal round robin ..

..and worked on some ideas for a series of new paintings ..

finished a mailart collaboration to be exhibited in a London Gallery and got it in the post ..

layed down some pen and ibknstrokes ..

phew .. time for a relaxing rest by a babbling brook in Wales with my sketchbook :)

and a bit of bunting making with Maya at her homeschool camp ..

yeah finished sewing one :)

..onto some felt birds :)

finished 2 :) ..

... papermache masks

and handstitched recycled journals.. :)

time for a splash

and reflection