Friday, September 02, 2011

journal, collaborations, field crafts

journal, collaborations, field crafts

Before heading out I managed to finish my pages for our art journal round robin ..

..and worked on some ideas for a series of new paintings ..

finished a mailart collaboration to be exhibited in a London Gallery and got it in the post ..

layed down some pen and ibknstrokes ..

phew .. time for a relaxing rest by a babbling brook in Wales with my sketchbook :)

and a bit of bunting making with Maya at her homeschool camp ..

yeah finished sewing one :)

..onto some felt birds :)

finished 2 :) ..

... papermache masks

and handstitched recycled journals.. :)

time for a splash

and reflection



  1. What a day. Love your new paintings. Regards, Annet

  2. Milliande, you make me laugh! You seem to have SO much fun with no worries! I can be that way too. No matter what path our children will end up taking they will forever have their memories of joy with Mom (and Dad). And the creative experiences they have will hopefully always be in their minds.


  3. The eyes with the yellow... very vibrant! So you are in London how fab. I lived there for two years off the Canada Water Stop off the Jubilee Line. If you get a chance there is a great eco. park there, as well as a wonderful set of stairs that give you an amazing view of the London Eye, Tower Bridge etc. Also, some beautiful canals and pond back there as well. A hidden gem in Surrey Quays area. Please keep us posted with your lovely days in London. I sooo miss it ^_^.


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