Thursday, July 14, 2011

basic emotion - caught in sculpture

basic emotion - caught in sculpture

Maya and I went to explore the "Who am I" exhibition space in the Science Museum in London .. part if the expo was a space where basic human emotions were captured from an actress's face and turned into an installation

I am always intriqued just how we read each others faces and especially as artist which parts resonate with an artists mind and ask us to convey an emotion ..

Here some close up shots ...

how did they make you feel ?

... milliande

London - artful musings

London - artful musings

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in London , UK, is currently holding their summer exhibition and I was happy to be able to attend this year ..

Running alongside the RA Summer Exhibition was the " Eyewitness " Photography expo
which featured some interesting pieces by hungarian photographers .. unknown to me .. so I look forward to featuring some of my fave finds on the milliande artist spotlight blog ...

It was fun to hook up with Ju and Gill .. and we enjoyed a great time looking around the exhibition, taking in some of the fab books offered in the RA store and catching up with our arty news .. and Ju treated us to the most marvellous coffee and chocolate cake ..yum

Eyewitness- the Hungarian Photography Exhibition ...

No Photos were allowed in either one of the exhibitions... so just a few shots of the many feet in attendance ...

Installation view of Gallery III, Summer Exhibition 2001.

The " official photo" from the Royal Academy website
(C) RA

Installation view of Gallery III, Summer Exhibition 2001. Photo: John Bodkin/DawkinsColour

Ju and I spend the evening together too ... and walked through Covent Garden, Bloomsbury and many a leafy road to end up sketching in a Thai Restaurant for Dinner and a much needed glass of red wine :-)

A lovely day was had by all :-)