Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Mesopotamia Art at The British Museum London

Mesopotamia Art at The British Museum London
-Milliande' Favourite Artworks of the Day

we had a great time visiting the Mesopotamia Gallery at the British Museum in London . The sculptural works are very inspiring, especially given the narrative storytelling artworks at the time . 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Time to Paint

Making some time to paint .. space created .. art materials limited to 4 colors , 2 crayons , a pencil and a brush ... make it work .. Play it hard until the muse sings back at me from the page ... release

at this point a solitary angel asks to remain .. the other fading back into the mists

" When the silence alone 
holds a whisper of an understanding
the brush contains the knowledge
 that all
is colorful 
in the end of the no beginning " 

from the art studio of

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Printmaking Workshop Joy

It has long been a wish of mine to learn etching ..yet the toxicity of the process has always deterred me . A friend of mine introduced me to the concept of non-toxic etching and one of the printmakers here in the Uk championing the process ... so off I went to learn ..

I arrived in Cornwall at the little Handprint Studio tucked away nr Penzance in Cornwall..

One of my teachers, Peter Wray in his element .. With many many years of printmaking experience to offer a lot of learning was on the agenda ..

First up , Collagraph and Carborandum .. Playing with layers, materials , textures and patterns

Some of my Collagraph  mini test plates .

Made from thin wood and manipulated with various carving tools and texture pastes

Proper inking up of Collagraph printing plates is an art form in itself
Peter Demoing the various ins and outs of applying the stay soft inks that make the collagraph plates inking up process easier... 

From Collagraph plate to print ... Some of Peter Wrays handiwork

Lots and lots of yummy printmaking ink options ... Judy Collins, Peters Art Partner demoing the various colour choices

First test print of my Collagraph plates .. Inking up is hard and much more learning  is on the agenda ... Stay tune for more of my progress

.. Milliande

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Artclub Today

Still Playing with Drawing Practice at Artclub today - Tilting around an Axis

The idea being to take an object, in my case a teapot ... tilt the tilt axis ...then draw in elliptical shapes the main form of the pot ...taking care to maintain the axis point ...

Removing the need to go for the outline first but investigating the visual shape of the body form first .. letting the tilted axis be the anchor that holds the composition in place... 
an interesting exercise in..

.. another exercise of playing with negative shape ... arranging an impromptu still-life made up out of items from my drawing bag...onto a rectangular surface...then observing the created negative shapes only ..
I find it incredibly difficult to hold focus on the negative mind does all kinds of erratic dances wishing to jump back to the familiar outline of the object rather than its negative neighbour... managed to hold on some ... but love to play with these ideas of "pure" negative shape a bit more ..

resting slowly on the negative shapes...trying to avoid guesswork but really staying witth the shape 
thats present rather than what is thought to be there by the mind...
and interesting afternoon of observational drawing

...milliande :-) 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pigment Crushers - Art by the Beach

Pigment Crushers - Art by the Beach

Having spotted some blue sky peeking out from behind the clouds .. we grabbed the chance for another walk on the beach ... Maya decided to have an experiment to see whether she could crush some coloured stones to make pigments... wondering whether that is how they made paint in the ancient days ..  so off she went to look ... 

Having found some promising specimens we build a little protective stone circle around the stone to be crushed to avoid loosing the pieces that kept jumping into all directions ... ( mind your eyes too) 
After several sessions she got a fine enough powder of pigment ..

we found 3 suitable stones even coloured turquoise-ish .. and filled empty limpet shells with the pigment ... 

...then added a little water, gave it a little stir ..then let the Art begin :-) 

the terracotta red colour worked particularly well and we had great fun doodling on the stones .. 

..adding a little turquoise pigment on my stone face :-) 

..after a little scratching with a hard stone to add some white lines my Beach Art Painting was complete .. 
what fun ..

... about to tuck into some well-earned chocolate ladybird to refuel ;-) 

...have I told you that I love Wales yet ? ... grin 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Reliefprinting Studio Day

Reliefprinting Studio Day

It has been unusually warm hot even in the UK so the weather has tempted me to snatch 
the potting bench from the greenhouse and turn it into an outdoor printmaking station 
... ohh and it works a treat 

the little upper staging shelf is just perfect for holding in progress
inked up brayers and rollers out of the way from the actual printing area

a first batch of printed papers waiting to be kissed by a little sunshine to dry

another batch jostling for sundays ...I think I need to investigate some 
staged shelving for drying papers .. one printmaking session ..especially 
using mono print or relief printing can filed quite a few sheets in succession as I like 
to work in layers rather than creating a finished design on the printing plate itself

first few layers on this sheet...waiting to dry before applying the next 

playing with some paint resist ideas ... 

ahh end of session ... all tools ready to drip off and dry 

this spot in front of my studio catches the last bit of sun before it disappears
for the evening ..I like sitting here and so does Ronnie ... he is desperately 
curious what is going on on my sketch paper and claiming this front row seat for himself ;-) 


Saturday, February 04, 2012

Sometimes .. the story overwhelms the senses


Sometimes ..

sometimes the story overwhelms the senses

sometimes the pressure flooding through my veins is contagious

sometimes the body is not owned by the persisting mind

sometimes life is the story of a pressured body ...



I promise to make you feel more alive

“I promise to make you more alive than you’ve ever been. For the first time you’ll see your pores opening like the gills of fish and you’ll hear the noise of blood in galleries and feel light gliding on your corneas like the dragging of a dress across the floor.

For the first time, you’ll note gravity’s prick like a thorn in your heel, and our shoulder blades will hurt with the imperative of wings.

I promise to make you so alive that the fall of dust on furniture will deafen you, and you’ll feel your eyebrows like two wounds forming and your memories will seem to begin with the creation of the world.”

-Nina Cassian.

deeply resonating words today ... feeling the pour under my skin

... milliande

a little art play

work in progress ... limiting color range searching for tonal qualities and not yet succeeding :))

journlaling fun

playing with sketching and digital overlays