Tuesday, January 24, 2012

clay play

clay sll perfectly dried so time today for a little paint treatment

used a beautiful piece of driftwood wrapped into the armature as the base of this little sculpture ... I love moldong the clay as long as it starts taking on its own little form ... I never quite know what it will be until it emerges ...

this one is not quite sure whether it wishes to be a bird or a woman or indeed angelic :)) .. so she simply decided to be a bit of all

and some teeny tiny bowls came out of the leftover airdry clay ... one for my ink nibs ..

and one waiting for some gorgeous stones :)

... milliande


  1. I see a mermaid too in your little bird angelic woman. Looks like you have the clay bug. I am enjoying your creations and thanks for sharing.

  2. I love your clay work!!! So awesome!

  3. What type of clay would I use to create something like this? It is beautiful!


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