Tuesday, January 24, 2012

stages of clay sculpture figurine

evolving stages of my little clay sculpture figurine ..

driftwood stick and foil armature

clay molding of body

face construction

various wonderous "personalities" peeking through the clay ...

off to work on the face and yes that took ages :)) finetuning

texturing and shaping winged arms

finished clay doll / figurine before drying and painting ...

the final result hang up on the wall :)



  1. This is lovely. What a sweet inspiration for a gray day such as we are having here in the midwest. I do believe I'll find a twig or two today and have a go at this. Am so enjoying getting acquainted with your blog,works, etc.
    Deb Rowe
    Kansas City metro

  2. let me know what you do ...would love to see a picture :-) I am glad she inspired you to play :-)

  3. OH! Milliande! She is just beautiful and sweet. Thank you for sharing.


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