Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Reliefprinting Studio Day

Reliefprinting Studio Day

It has been unusually warm hot even in the UK so the weather has tempted me to snatch 
the potting bench from the greenhouse and turn it into an outdoor printmaking station 
... ohh and it works a treat 

the little upper staging shelf is just perfect for holding in progress
inked up brayers and rollers out of the way from the actual printing area

a first batch of printed papers waiting to be kissed by a little sunshine to dry

another batch jostling for sundays ...I think I need to investigate some 
staged shelving for drying papers .. one printmaking session ..especially 
using mono print or relief printing can filed quite a few sheets in succession as I like 
to work in layers rather than creating a finished design on the printing plate itself

first few layers on this sheet...waiting to dry before applying the next 

playing with some paint resist ideas ... 

ahh end of session ... all tools ready to drip off and dry 

this spot in front of my studio catches the last bit of sun before it disappears
for the evening ..I like sitting here and so does Ronnie ... he is desperately 
curious what is going on on my sketch paper and claiming this front row seat for himself ;-)