Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pigment Crushers - Art by the Beach

Pigment Crushers - Art by the Beach

Having spotted some blue sky peeking out from behind the clouds .. we grabbed the chance for another walk on the beach ... Maya decided to have an experiment to see whether she could crush some coloured stones to make pigments... wondering whether that is how they made paint in the ancient days ..  so off she went to look ... 

Having found some promising specimens we build a little protective stone circle around the stone to be crushed to avoid loosing the pieces that kept jumping into all directions ... ( mind your eyes too) 
After several sessions she got a fine enough powder of pigment ..

we found 3 suitable stones even coloured turquoise-ish .. and filled empty limpet shells with the pigment ... 

...then added a little water, gave it a little stir ..then let the Art begin :-) 

the terracotta red colour worked particularly well and we had great fun doodling on the stones .. 

..adding a little turquoise pigment on my stone face :-) 

..after a little scratching with a hard stone to add some white lines my Beach Art Painting was complete .. 
what fun ..

... about to tuck into some well-earned chocolate ladybird to refuel ;-) 

...have I told you that I love Wales yet ? ... grin