Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Artclub Today

Still Playing with Drawing Practice at Artclub today - Tilting around an Axis

The idea being to take an object, in my case a teapot ... tilt it..discover the tilt axis ...then draw in elliptical shapes the main form of the pot ...taking care to maintain the axis point ...

Removing the need to go for the outline first but investigating the visual shape of the body form first .. letting the tilted axis be the anchor that holds the composition in place... 
an interesting exercise in..

.. another exercise of playing with negative shape ... arranging an impromptu still-life made up out of items from my drawing bag...onto a rectangular surface...then observing the created negative shapes only ..
I find it incredibly difficult to hold focus on the negative shapes...my mind does all kinds of erratic dances wishing to jump back to the familiar outline of the object rather than its negative neighbour... managed to hold on some ... but love to play with these ideas of "pure" negative shape a bit more ..

resting slowly on the negative shapes...trying to avoid guesswork but really staying witth the shape 
thats present rather than what is thought to be there by the mind...
and interesting afternoon of observational drawing

...milliande :-) 


  1. Hi Milliande... I just discovered your blog and wow, there's a lot to explore here. I will also check out your ning group... glad I found you 'cause I could do with some colour on a grey and wet day in the Netherlands. Waving to you from across the North Sea!

  2. Teapot Creative
    want to know more about color pots and design



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