Saturday, July 14, 2012

Printmaking Workshop Joy

It has long been a wish of mine to learn etching ..yet the toxicity of the process has always deterred me . A friend of mine introduced me to the concept of non-toxic etching and one of the printmakers here in the Uk championing the process ... so off I went to learn ..

I arrived in Cornwall at the little Handprint Studio tucked away nr Penzance in Cornwall..

One of my teachers, Peter Wray in his element .. With many many years of printmaking experience to offer a lot of learning was on the agenda ..

First up , Collagraph and Carborandum .. Playing with layers, materials , textures and patterns

Some of my Collagraph  mini test plates .

Made from thin wood and manipulated with various carving tools and texture pastes

Proper inking up of Collagraph printing plates is an art form in itself
Peter Demoing the various ins and outs of applying the stay soft inks that make the collagraph plates inking up process easier... 

From Collagraph plate to print ... Some of Peter Wrays handiwork

Lots and lots of yummy printmaking ink options ... Judy Collins, Peters Art Partner demoing the various colour choices

First test print of my Collagraph plates .. Inking up is hard and much more learning  is on the agenda ... Stay tune for more of my progress

.. Milliande


  1. Wish I were there would live this course. Have fun Learn lots.

  2. Love your curiosity. Thanks so much for all the inspiration. Must go searching for some of my collograph plates. Happy discoveries.

  3. Very creative piece. Thanks for the share.

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  4. thanks for the great reference to Peter Wray's collograph techniques, lucky you!


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