Tuesday, January 24, 2012

stages of clay sculpture figurine

evolving stages of my little clay sculpture figurine ..

driftwood stick and foil armature

clay molding of body

face construction

various wonderous "personalities" peeking through the clay ...

off to work on the face and yes that took ages :)) finetuning

texturing and shaping winged arms

finished clay doll / figurine before drying and painting ...

the final result hang up on the wall :)


clay play

clay sll perfectly dried so time today for a little paint treatment

used a beautiful piece of driftwood wrapped into the armature as the base of this little sculpture ... I love moldong the clay as long as it starts taking on its own little form ... I never quite know what it will be until it emerges ...

this one is not quite sure whether it wishes to be a bird or a woman or indeed angelic :)) .. so she simply decided to be a bit of all

and some teeny tiny bowls came out of the leftover airdry clay ... one for my ink nibs ..

and one waiting for some gorgeous stones :)

... milliande