Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Handmade Going Away Present

Handmade Going Away Present

 Having had a fab day out we returned with a fresh batch of Fimo / Sculpey makable clay and Maya quickly got busy making some wonderful creature creations ...

IMG 6438


fine-tuning the clay creatures


IMG 6439

 I love her creativity  …. but even more did I love that she made me her first pair of dangly earrings as a going away present … I am off to a 3 day art retreat on Thursday and I could not possibly go without something handmade to remember her by  … awww

IMG 6441

 can you spot the cutest little cherries ready to be baked ? 


IMG 6442

an adorable pair of dangly cherry earrings that I can wear ALL THE TIME ..when I am away ;-) 


IMG 6445


…now I look seriously  fabulous now don't I ?? :-) 

IMG 6446



and to pair it off with the most adorable little clay hedgehog carrying an ever so delicious strawberry …. 

have I told you lately how much I love my Babe ?? :-) 


PS… I have just heard that  a matching pair of strawberry dangles are in progress …

just in case I get bored of one fruit apparently ;-) 




… milliande


  1. What a sweet girl you have there, and oh so creative. I wonder if she will create another cute video with those creatures? There has to be a story behind them. Hmm-what could it be, I wonder? I love the cute earrings, and of course the little hedgie :) Hoping you have a glorious time on your retreat!


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