Monday, February 11, 2013

How a Coffeeshop turns into a Fully Fledged Art Studio

How a  Coffeeshop turns into a Fully Fledged Art Studio

Once upon a time there were 2 girls off to have treat in a coffeeshop … whilst they were waiting they spotted a tub of kiddy crayons and a few sheets of paper.. ahhh lets have a little doodle time … 

IMG 6393
…. delicious as the coffee was it left an even more delicious residue of dark pigment at the bottom of the cup and my brain recalled an assignment from an art course with Misty Mawn that requires me to use " kitchen pigments"
to create a portrait painting …
ohhh so off she goes , dips her finger in the coffee and voila ...

IMG 6433
…we got tonal value … 
IMG 6435

...eagle eyed the rest of the room is scanned and yields, brown sauce, olive oil, ketchup  

IMG 6402

… Art Supplies Palette ala Brand "Coffeeshop " 

IMG 6432

 … now the fork demanded in on the action and who am I to refuse fork brush gets to have a go at adding lashings of texturing.. when the waitress spots my efforts and politely enquires

" Do you need some green ? " 

" Ehmm ..what do you have thats green ?"
I ask with a smidgen of a blush …upon which she turns round behind her magic kitchen counter and returns with …. 

IMG 6434

the daily special of " Avocado Vinaigrette " … oh my now we are rolling … ;-) 

IMG 6436

at this point Maya has only one thing left to say 
" Mama , you seriously find a way to make art anywhere … anytime " 
and declares that I have now moved from being plain old crazy
to certified on the verge of mental mayhem " 
I choose to take that as a teenage compliment ;-) 

IMG 6431

Coffeeshop  Kitchen Pigment Portrait Extravaganza

IMG 6430

Now I can honestly say I have never emerged out of a coffeeshop clutching 2 wannabe paintings smeared with slimy green avocado, ketchup, brown sauce, olive oil and the cheapest kiddy crayons imaginable … a playful day indeed

IMG 6428

 Coffeeshop Portrait Painting 1

IMG 6429

  Coffeeshop Portrait Painting 2



  1. Absolutely brilliant
    thank you for making me smile today

  2. You are so totally creative, Milliande! Love this post. Thanks for the ideas. It made me smile too.

  3. What a fabulous fun trip to the coffee shop, this makes my day loved it.

  4. that is so cool Milliande. I love it!!

  5. Such fun to see those two beautiful portraits that came out from coffee painting! :)

  6. They should seriously frame these and hang them at the coffee shop. You could do a whole coffee shop series... I think you should. ;)
    These are awesome!

  7. oh how artistic and impromptu lol just the way art should be , they would indeed look great framed lol

  8. You are not only brilliant, but seriously cute too!


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