Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rust on Paper , Rust on Textiles .. Rust on .. where do I stop ;-)

Rust on Paper , Rust on Textiles .. Rust on .. where do I stop ;-) 



Having seen some gorgeous Rust Textiles and Rust Papers and added them to my RUSTY Pinterest Bard,  I was intrigued and proceeded to scrounge around the whole garden in search of suitable contenders for creative rusting experiments … I think the man has seen enough these past 25 years to simply comply rather than wonder anymore .. grin

IMG 6285


I have no recollection where I picked up this gridded piece of metal complete with stones lodged into it .. but I did and now it is cozily wrapped in some plain calico fabric to see what kind of textures will emerge 


IMG 6291



various empty tin cans got unearthed from our recycled bin , which had already developed a rusty patina… and having soaked some mixed media heavyweight paper and some recycled brown paper bags in vinegar they begun to take on rust after just a day …off the temptation to unravel … 


IMG 6290



This old rusty planting gadget was never much use on our heavy clay soil for digging out holes, BUT , neglected as it was it is now suddenly turned into the most interesting object ever…full of gorgeous spicily rust patterns to explore… so sprinkled in salt this batch of calico fabric and a piece of old linen get to have fun here..


IMG 6295


next contender… a rusty old BBQ metal grid … having been left outside for several seasons … the slow rust crust is now ready to find a new lease of life …sandwiched in between are some hot pressed water-colour sheets waiting to weather the next months outside ...


IMG 6298


Maya and I decide to also have a go at layering some eucalyptus leaves and leftover autumn/fall leaves between layers of hot pressed water-colour paper … now they are resting outside under a heavy metal rusting board to see what fabulous things the elements will do to it ...

IMG 6293

Various under rusty tool elements were discovered in the shed and found themselves quickly being added to the rusting experiment bowl .. some Rust on Paper … some Rust on Fabric … all mingle nicely 


IMG 6292

and old coal shuffle quickly joined the rest …not wanting to be left out 


IMG 6300


After Maya dragged a massive metal pole in front of my art studio we had a giggling fit wrapping old handkerchiefs and textured papers around the pole with some 100% wool string to see how they would fare in this rusting game .. 

Joined by the rusty trusty old wagon this is now they " RUSTY COOKING STATION" outside of my studio … demanding my patience not to peek too soon .. not too be tempted to disturbed the delicate rusty alchemy ..only once in a while walking past peeking or adding another sip of vinegar or a sprinkling of salt to the mix … 

as they say … this rusty old story is …. to be continued 





  1. It just tickles my spirit to see how ideas jump around in the art-space - first Jan introduced me to the idea of rusted paper and fabric - then I set it all up in my studio and have wonderful papers to book with and now you and Maya are rusting away. Just yesterday I snagged some washers that came off a package of frames to bring home to rust. Happy playtimes - hugs to you both. xxxruth

  2. After years of removing rust by scraping, sanding, scrubbing and whatever, a plan to do something creative with rust is fascinating. Must try.

  3. this is so inspiring! I love that you have a rust holding pen, I will follow suit! xo


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