Saturday, June 01, 2013

Begin with White - "What if Diaries " alongside Jude Hill

Begin with White - "What if Diaries " alongside Jude Hill  

When I think of white .... 
" White Storming " 

As I was sitting outside on my little patio in the sunshine contemplating " White" and it's emotional associations I made a list off all the words on my iPad ... when suddenly a little white feather arrived reflected by the white clouds on the transparent screen of my iPad ... So I am listening :) and shall start there

White Feather
White Cloud

 so here I shall start

  • White Feather
  • White Cloud
  • Transparency

::: milliande


  1. hi there--perusing your blog again--from this point on, through all of the "older posts" there are no images. wondering if i can do anything to bring them up? was having such a grand journey!

    1. Oh how weird , not sure what is happening , will check it out, thanks for mentioning it


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