Saturday, June 01, 2013

Snow White Red Stitch - UnRuly Cloth & Canvas

Snow White Red Stitch - "UnRuly Cloth & Canvas"
alongside Jude Hill

Snow White Red Stitch UnRuly Cloth & Canvas @ CAPI Art Portfolio Experimentations

intriqued by the flooding images of Snow White ... not so much the fairy tale by the metaphor 
and seeming universal coincidences -- I sit and contemplate adding stitch to my art -- I pierce my skin to the point of blood and Snow White makes an appearance ...and in it's oldest German form her mother stitched as she pierced herself with a needle and contemplated the birth of a girl child upon seeing the spilled blood 

such a strong theme for me
sometimes I feel small when the universe converges 
sometimes I feel large when the universe converges 


The Red Thread .. 
a conceptual stitch

that which seems to slowly sew its way alongside every path I take 
the connector ... 
the one who holds it all together ... 
the element found in every layer 
the one who brings it back to the whole 
in unity

In chinese legend 
the red thread connects those who are destined to meet
the thread may tangle or stretch but will never break "


Jude made a comment that the 
" Red is quite shocking on white " 

Definition shocking  

1. Highly disturbing emotionally.
2. Highly offensive; indecent or distasteful 
3. Very vivid or intense in tone

interesting to me I had immediately associated " shocking" with something loud, obnoxious , 
disgraceful , out to make a statement, 
rather than embrace its " milder cousin" of vivid and intense within a color sense


continuing to ponder 
::: milliande 

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