Sunday, June 02, 2013

UnRuly Cloth & Canvas

UnRuly Cloth & Canvas

I have been asked  to refrain from including/inviting discussions around the " What if Diaries" topics here on my blog , so I shall no longer refer to the individual topics but focus on developing my personal progress on my own :-)

So I feel curbed ... but I can understand artists personal protectiveness over their material and anxiety over it "leaking out" , even though that has never been my personal goal .. again I feel alone in my understanding that art is so beautifully wide open and left expansive to personal interpretation that keeping it closed up behind doors that contain mountains of pennies is such an alien concept to me .

But I am respectful to the wishes of others and acknowledge that people make their living from running workshops , courses and tutorials and therefore wish to keep a lid on it .

I shall continue under my personal  " UnRuly Cloth & Canvas " name the exploration of meeting points between mixed media  and fibre art ...



yesterdays discoveries led to this big resonance within me 
 that I do like 

 whether that be in cloth or canvas

the meandering path  
the embracing exactly what is in front of me without loosing focus on internal observation 

on so I shall continue pondering ...

::: milliande

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