Monday, October 21, 2013

Microscopic Peeks

I have long been fascinated with the seemingly invisible world lying as a base stone of existence hidden from daily view . 

Having trained as a microbiologist in my younger years I am keen to re-establish a relationship point where my scientific interests will meet with my art … 


Here a peek at what I saw through the lens of my microscope ..

inspiring miniature imagery that makes my soul sing a long forgotten song … 



Microscopic art miniature microscope cells 3



Microscopic art miniature microscope cells 2



Microscopic art miniature microscope cells 1



::: milliande


  1. mystically beautiful Milliande! coincidently I have just been looking at these images this morning:
    although they are more dreamlike magic to my eyes than the 'nightmare' described on this website :)

  2. Very Beautiful, Milliande! This year I have begun to go back to every skill and hobby I ever indulged in that made me happy. The more I search through my past the more I do not understand why I gave up any of those things I loved doing. It's those biomorphic shapes you are seeing. Before it looked like science now it looks like art.

  3. It definitely is very special...Wow! Looking at the second and third images is like being drawn into the circle...a great pic for meditation!


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