Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Veiled Name - Poetic Glimpses

The Veiled Name - Poetic Glimpses 

Teased out of an oblivious state of non knowing
perturbed I gaze into the brightness that disperses itself 
relentlessly into the amidst

Torn away, shredded fragments remain of a self 
that can no longer
deny or agree 

Shorn away are the long tresses of braided comfort
no one can hold on to the one 
that is not

Longer , the breath tries to scream
longer into the echo 
of illusion 

A kind of mourning seeps thought the mist of understanding 
 connecting the search to the searcher until it dissolves 
like acid in the rain 

Fog, veil, hidden 
what is the name 
of this eternal game

.... milliande