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Art is a Way of Knowing - Pat Allen Quotes

Art is a Way of Knowing - Pat Allen Quotes 
 Over at the CAPI Facebook Group we are sharing inspirational Art books that resonate deeply, and today sharing quotes from our favourites .. 
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" I think about the image process. Images absorb my anxiety, resist my interpretation, take me places. Initially I seem to quest for a metaphor, ... . Often the metaphor is fragmentary a small gestalt within my being that grows in significance over time. ... I notice that images tend to be repetative and to permeate my life. The trick seems to be just to hold the image in awareness , not to rush prematurely to meaning, to closure.... Art Is a Way of Knowing" by Pat Allen


" Painting is allowing feelings to become visible through color, color applied in sensuous strokes , with a brush or even with your fingers. PAint is feeling liquified. Feeling connotes a relaxation of reason , and painting lets us put reason aside momentarily and enter a different realm. While it is possible to paint realistically that is not our present goal. Our intention is to use paint to explore the realm of emotion through color "Art Is a Way of Knowing" by Pat Allen


" Was drawing first presented to you as a task of filling in the lines drawn by someone else? ( Coloring Pages) If that is your only experience of drawing , however you only learn to adjust your energy to fit the spaces allotted to you by others, and never find out how to manage and enjoy the natural flow of your own energy in the world. While this intention is not stated out loud, it is conveyed in the task and it is taken into consciousness by doing the task. 
Once you begin to shift your perception to drawing-as-energy, notice how the concept of drawing can expand. The patterns of footprints across a schoolyard snow are a drawing made by exuberant children at recess. Trees draw spidery shadow lines across the sunlit floor. Cracks in the sidewalk sketch a torso. Drawing is energy made visible. " Art Is a Way of Knowing" by Pat Allen


" Our imagination is the most important faculty we possess. It can be our greatest resource or our most formidable adversary. It is through our imagination that we discern possibilities and options. Yet imagination is no mere blank slate on which we simply inscribe our will. Rather imagination is the deepest voice of the soul and can be heard clearly only through cultivation and careful attention. A relationship with our imagination is a relationship with our deepest self. "
Art Is a Way of Knowing" by Pat Allen


" Our personal myth is so deeply embedded in us that it is difficult to see, yet we live out of it every day. Our myth is what generates the patterns of our behavior, how we respond to others , our expectations of life. Our patterns are repeated in ways small and large throughout existence. Noticing our patterns, without judging or struggling to change them, is part of image work. State your intention to know a version of your myth, realizing that there may be many versions. Image is an archetypal tale, seen through the eyes of your child self." Art Is a Way of Knowing" by Pat Allen

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