Monday, October 21, 2013

Microscopic Peeks

I have long been fascinated with the seemingly invisible world lying as a base stone of existence hidden from daily view . 

Having trained as a microbiologist in my younger years I am keen to re-establish a relationship point where my scientific interests will meet with my art … 


Here a peek at what I saw through the lens of my microscope ..

inspiring miniature imagery that makes my soul sing a long forgotten song … 



Microscopic art miniature microscope cells 3



Microscopic art miniature microscope cells 2



Microscopic art miniature microscope cells 1



::: milliande

Quote for the Day

'The basic problem in artistic endeavor is the tendency to split the artist from the audience and then try to send a message from one to the other. When this happens, art becomes exhibitionism. One person may get a tremendous flash of inspiration and rush to 'put it down on paper' to impress or excite others and a more deliberate artist may strategize each step of his work in order to produce certain effects on the viewer. But no matter how well-intentioned or technically accomplished such approaches may be, they inevitably become clumsy and aggressive towards others and towards oneself.
 In meditative art, the artist embodies the viewer as well as the creator of the works.'
Chögyam Trungpa.