Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Line Art Pattern Collections

NEW Line Art  Pattern Collections

It is interesting that when studying design influences and looking closer at all the different surface design patterns that are out there one can actually trace lots of inspiration back to either nature or naturally occuring patterns . 

Studying all the different permutations that I have come across so far in my Ralire Study Project,  I was intriqued to play with the resulting line designs to form patterns that would be particularly suitable for surface design, such as stitching, printing, drawing for textiles and canvas, furnishings , painterly embellishments for mixed media artworks and incorporating symbology in a more decorative fashion into commercial surface design.

I have upload the first 2 Surface Pattern Design Collections over at my Printables website for you to enjoy



And the First Surface Design Collection not directly related to the Ralire Study but fun nevertheless, more themed on a flower and petal idea


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