Sunday, November 01, 2015

Timer 25 Sketchbook Studies - Day 2

Timer 25 Sketchbook Studies - Day 2

Timer 25 Sketchbook Studies with Milliande Day 2, create art portfolio ideas, capi, milliande, sketchbook, illustration, design, surface pattern ideas

==> feel free to play along :-)

  1. 1 page of paper
  2. small cut out RANDOM magazine images glued into left margin 
  3. set timer to 25 minutes 
  4.  sketch studies inspired by imagery ,
  5. STOP after timer up ,
  6. share with ‪#‎timer25sketchbook‬ on Instagram

  • make it fun
  • daily drawing exercise designed to loosen up with focus
  • choose a favourite or unfamiliar sketching media, challenge yourself
  • studies are not end results just jumping off points designed to warm up
  • the end product does not matter, the PROCESS does

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