Thursday, November 05, 2015

Timer 25 Sketchbook Studies - Day 6

 Milliande Timer 25 Sketchbook Studies - Day 6

 Milliande Timer 25 Sketchbook Studies - Day 6


- I purposefully work with pen and ink, no pencil, only concentrate on outline shapes that i see when I squint my eyes
- get the basic shapes down in varying sizes depending on inspiration images
- try and combine them to create new motifs
- the time limit stops me from fussing, makes me look for the next line and only the essence of a shape

- If i did not set the time and the intention to complete the page I would mull over every angle and every detail too long
- after timer is up I allow 5 more minutes for shading... then it HAS TO BE DONE !! and I move on 

The other thing is I guess, these are not intended to be finished motifs or even ideas, simply just mindful line wanderings as it were... they may or may not lead to an idea, but in essence they are just warm up doodles, so no expectation
 .. hope this helps

III milliande de III

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